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Image: Couple walking along seashore
Osprey Shores - Guysborough, Nova Scotia
Osprey Shores - Guysborough, Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia Beaches on the Eastern Shore

Port Shoreham Provincial Park
Port Shoreham beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia for beachcombing. Port Shoreham Provincial Park is only 15 minutes from Osprey Shores and features an enjoyable boardwalk to the beautiful sand and pebble beach that stretches along Clam Harbour Bay. The excellent picnic facilities at the beach makes it popular picnic destination where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Bay and its gentle surf.

Tor Bay Provincial Beach Park
Tor Bay beach is one of the most dramatic beaches along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Coast. Tor Bay Provincial Beach Park is only 20 minutes from Osprey Shores and features three sweeping sandy beaches, fragile sand dunes and rugged offshore rock formations. There is scenic loop boardwalk to the beach which has interpretive displays providing insight into the local plants and animals in this delicate coastal ecosystem.

Black Duck Cove Park & Beach
Black Duck Cove beach is renowned for having some of the warmest waters on Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Coast. Only 30 minutes from Osprey Shores, Black Duck Cove Park has an extensive boardwalk and is an ideal trail for the entire family. The scenic view is particularly makes it an ideal location if you are looking for a place to have a picnic. The Black Duck Cove trail traces the perimeter from of the cove from scenic Bluff Point to the breakwater at Keef Point.

Fogarty’s Cove Beach
Fogarty's Cove is the place that inspired Stan Rodgers – a spectacular wilderness area where the Canso Coastal Barrens meet the waters on the southern shore of Chedabucto Bay. Defined by steep cliffs and magnificent granite stones, Fogarty’s Cove has a fine sand beach that lines this unique part of the unspoiled coast. Whales and dolphins can sometimes be seen swimming in the Bay off the beach and bald eagles and osprey call the cove home.  The magic spell of this cove made popular by Stan Rodgers has made the beach at Fogarty’s Cove a destination for travellers.